About us:

Padel Secondhand Sverige AB is a registered limited company in Sweden, Gothenburg. We are Sweden's first and largest retailer of padel equipment on the second-hand market.

The company was founded in February, 2021 and the idea from the beginning was to conduct sales via our Instagram, which we also did.

During the fall of 2021, we launched this website to meet the needs that existed on the market. There was no website to buy used padel equipment...

In November 2023, the company was transformed into a Public Limited Company as it was previously operated as a sole proprietorship. This means that the company is now called Padel Secondhand Sverige AB.

Reuse & Reduce

We have always strived for our slogan, reuse & reduce. Just as it sounds, we make it easier for people to buy and reuse high-quality padel equipment to make a smaller impact on the climate.

It becomes a Win-Win situation, you save both money and the environment!

Company address

Padel Secondhand Sverige AB

Organisationsnummer: 559453-9172

Mölndalsvägen 95

412 83 Göteborg